1. The GARUD TILL MASTER is a multifunctional implement and is a perfect machine for the stubble cultivation.
2. It has a spring loaded levelling bar behind the roller with height & pressure adjustment in optimum land preparation.
3. It has unique 3 row design of cultivator provides the opportunity to work on the field with lot of weeds from the previous crop.
4. Precise depth control is made with pin in a series of holes at the rear of the machine.
5. The maintenance free sealed ball bearing gurantees the maximum service.


Description GTM6 GTM7 GTM9
Working Width (mm) 150 180 220
No.of Tines 6 7 9
No of Rows 3
Working Depth (CM) 8-24
Recommended Speed (Kmph) 8-12
Weight (Approx in kg) 180 215 260
Weight With Roller (Approx in Kg.) 300 360 440
Tractor Power (HP) 40-55 50-65 60-75

* This product can be customised as per your requirement.