1. The chisel plough are deep tillage implements specially designed for breaking up hard pan layers and loosening the subsoil allowing better drainage, root growth and mineral osmosis.
2. It can be safely used for heavy duty applications, as the shear bolt arrangement protects the implement from getting damaged due to hidden obstacles like underground stones & roots.
3. Adjustable depth & width of ploughing available for 2 & 3 arm chisel plough.
4. Optional pipe layer attachment available for 1 arm chisel plough.
5. Depth can be adjusted by top links.
6. It can plough up to 550 mm deep.
7. The poited chisel is heavy duty.


Description GCPHD1 GCPHD2 GCPHD3
Frame (mm) 125x125x6 (Sq.Tubular) 150x150x8 (Sq.Tubular)
Length (mm) 690 1072
Width (mm) 800 1230 1520
Height (mm) 1220 1440
Width of Cut (mm) 70 800 1215
Tyne to Tyne Distance (mm) NA 695 525
Tyne (mm) 150x36
No of Tyne 1 2 3
3 Point Linkage CAT-II
Crumbler (mm) 50x12 (FLAT)
Crumbler Length (mm) NA 1396 1786
Shovel (mm) 70x10x305
Weight (Approx in Kg.) 105 450 520
Tractor Power (HP) 40-65 60-75 90-115

* This product can be customised as per your requirement.