MULCHER (Heavy Duty Mulcher)


1. Rear Roller with height adjustment -ensures uniform and compact mulching layer.
2. Free moving Gear Box - Ensure safety of Tractor at the time of sudden switch off.
3. Electronically Balance rotor - Ensure vibration free working of mulcher to Minimize maintenance.
4. Standard input RPM 540.
5. Side Drive Belts - Side Drive Transmission: 3nos. XPB-1712 Belts.


1. Straw and stalk chopping & Very effective and fine shredding quality.
2. It is highly compatible to shred vineyards & orchard pruned materials, grass, bushes, crop residues like sugarcane trash, wheat & paddy straw, maize stalk as thick as 5 cm in diameter.
3. Strong and reliable machine.
4. Rear bonnet can be opened for maintenance.
5. Heavy duty structure and high cutting chamber allow an excess residue to discard for chopping at very high speed (up to 10 km/h) with surprisingly high working range.


Description GRM5 GRM6 GRM7 GRM8
Working Width (mm) 1601 1905 2209 2513
Rotor RPM 2200
No of Blades 22 26 30 34
Weight (Kg.Approx.) 370 480 590 700
Tractor Power (HP) 35 40 45 50

* This product can be customised as per your requirement.