1. Light weight compact machine for compact tractors 15-30hp.
2.It's specially designed blade rotor reduces load on tractor as well as diesel consumption and avoids tyre slippage
3. It is used for small farms, fruit and vegetables, orchards, gardening and nurseries.
4. Strong and sturdy design made for hassle free performance and better durability.
5. Suitable for soil conditioning and weed control, seedbed preparation, puddling in small fields.
6. Can loosen & aerate soil 4 to 5 inches deep & L & C type blade options.
7. It is compatible for mini and lower HP tractor.
8. Helical arrangement of the blades reduces load on the tractor which makes tillage fast and economical.
9. Heavy duty PTO shaft with shear bolt for overload protection.
10. Sealed bearings prevent moisture/mud entry.


Description GRTG10016 GRTG10020 GRTG10024
Rotor RPM 223
Side Transmission Gear Drive
Type of Blades L & C Type (Optional)
Number of Blades 16 20 24
3-Point Hitch Type CAT - 1
Overall Length (mm) 980 1180 1370
Cutting Width (mm) 850 1050 1210
Driveline Safety Device Shear Bolt
Weight (Kg.Approx.) 143 163 183
Tractor Power (HP) 12-15 15-18 18-21

* This product can be customised as per your requirement.