1. It is designed to work in all types of soil for functions such as soil breaking, soil raising and soil inversion.
2. It can handle the toughest ploughing job with excellent penetration performance.
3. Strong thick walled box Section frame & Large inter body and under frame clearance.
4. Specially heat treated parts and polished mould board & Reliable turn over device.
5. Adjustable stray rod assembly & Shock absorbing shaft.


1. Variable cutting width for different soil types & Allows the possibility for changing curvature angle.
2. Provides precise and quick turnover action and is able to withstand hard shock loads.
3. Good fuel economy & Less stress on tractor, Hence longer life.
4. Hydraulic turnover mechanism , Strong turnover axle & Easy drawbar adjustment.


Model Number GRP2 GRP3
Number of Furrow 2 3
Tyne Thickness (mm) 25 mm
Mould Board Thickness (mm) 8 mm
Head Stock Bearing 32013 , 30211
Turnover Mechanism Hydraulic
Depth of Cut (Max.Inch) 12" - 20"
Working Width (mm) 600mm
Weight (Approx in Kg.) 450 625
Tractor Power (HP) 55-60 65-70

* This product can be customised as per your requirement.