1. It is a simple and rugged implement which is directly fitted to tractor.
2. It is basic implement for leveling of land.
3. Very useful for agriculture purpose.
4. Useful for flood irrigation.
5. Useful for increasing productivity and saves cost of irrigation.
6. Leveling blade is made out of special steel which gives it double the life compared to other ordinary blades.


Description GHDLL6 GHDLL7 GHDLL8
Frame (mm) Draw Bar Mounting With The Help Of MS Flat Section
75x20 mm,520 mm LONG
Side Support Vertical 25X10 mm MS Flat
Horizontal:Ms Flat Max.Width 100 mm,Min.Width 35 mm
Thikness of Plate (mm) 10
Blade Dim (mm) 70x10 (High Carbon Steel)
Category CAT-II
Width of Cut (mm) 1850 2150 2640
Weight (Approx in Kg.) 140 155 170
Tractor Power (HP) 30-35 40-45 55-60

* This product can be customised as per your requirement.